My name is Navaporn Boonmasiri

But please, call me Natty.

I'm from Bangkok,Thailand. One of the craziest place on earth, and I love it.

I live in a happy family of four with two adorable 4 legs creatures.

My passion is in art. I doodle and draw whenever I can and look for inspiration everywhere. I want to have a career in the animation industry. I can't pin it down yet, whether character designer, concept artist, story border or illustrator is my thing. But I'm willing to find out with much enthusiasm.

The feeling of knowing that I'm on my way, inching bit by bit closer to my dream, can't exactly be describe. It's eagerness, excitement, happiness and well...fun, I'm having so much FUN!

Hope we'll get to share as I proceed along my way.

Random facts you should know about me:

- I like watching movies
- There's no particular genres of music I listen to (but I do prefer indie best.)
- Drawing creatures is my specialty
- I have bowed arms (double joints I think)
- I like cooking but don't usually follow recipe...improvisation pays, sometimes.