It's milk, egg and can

Still in my animal phase.

Continuing my passage to create better work.
I'm actually unsure of how this idea of combining domestic farm animals with their produce came to me. Maybe its the urge to tell the world that we're turning these poor creatures into nothing more than just products. They're no longer consider living organisms but things we kill, sell, and eat. There lives are insignificant to us human, they live to be serve on the table, live to produce and to be squeeze into cans...

or maybe I just happen to see a can of tuna and thought that the design looks really cool, then turned to see that a carton of left over milk looks really cool too. And since I like drawing creatures, why not give these objects heads, legs and badabim badaboom...this is the result.



By the way, does tuna count as a farm animal?



Alright, I admit, I am a little grumpy.

Last Saturday was the t-shirt festival and yup, my design didn't sell well.
I guess this could be use as a lesson; for me to realize that I have much more work to do for my design skill to be at professional level. Yes, I do realize that. Yes, I came home and practice. No, I did not deal with it well.

Grrrrrr....how I was grumpy.

Drawing for me is not so difficult anymore: I see fish I can draw fish. Graphic on the other hand is somthing not yet in my grasp: here's a bottle make it look cool. I could careless and not bother to spend my time on somthing I'm not good at. BUT, graphic design is an essential skill for an artist to find a job, so buhu, I do need to learn it.

Grrrrrrr....(sorry, that shall be my last groan).

Well, because of the let down  on that day, today I decided to look to the wild side for a little inspiration.

....Hmmmm, I have to find a certain style to stick to don't I?