To the future

Did this during my free time.

Got to keep on being creative. Never to stop. Have to look ahead to the future. Need to try harder.

A little doodle heavily inspired by Red Nose Studio.
Chris Sickels is a wonderful artist whose quirky and wonderful works have became my subject of admiration. Truly love the detailing and color pallette he uses. Go check out his website, Red Nose Studio, you'll be mesmerize by all his whimsical characters!


Classic Folks

It's a long holiday and heck yes, I got tons of time to work on my various projects (will be update soon! So please wait and see).
Right here is a piece of illustration I did a few days ago. I'm thinking about spinning it into a collection of some kind. At the moment is the process of idea gathering: maybe calender, a book, or something... something.

From sketch to finish.

Lastly, seems like (very evident actually), I have developed a love for texture. It helps to give depths and roughness to an illustration. The homey, cozy feel that it creates convince me that this is a style, I from now on, will try to archieve and maintain.


Be fair be square...SQUARE MUFFINS!

Ok, so I want to make muffins. They're an absolute favorite, and it's blueberry. It's perfect.
Unfortunately, I have no cups or any round object that could stand the heat of the oven for that matter. Curses. But, wait, why need cups? Why does muffins have to be round?
So, I just go with what I have which are these square ceramic bowls. And it worked!
Well, I wouldn't give myself that much credit though, that the muffins turned out scrumptiously. It's Betty Crocker, the wonder of easy cooking! (even though messiness is still evident but for such delight, it's worth it.)









OH OH OH! I just realized it's April's Fool! Umm, umm, need to play prank, think think think. Aha!

A hat

Keep watching...look! It changes color!

What the... it became smaller...

Boo! Fool ya! Did I? Oh well, happy April's Fool!

Dab away!

Hi there people. For the last couple of days I have been working on many projects, including this painting.

It's a promise to my dad, that the undecorated wall in his office will once and for all be rid of the emptiness.

In this piece I uses alot of dabbing technique. A very simple and great way to add texture.

 All you do is, well, dab away.

A good way to archieve most from this technique (from my personal experience) is to wait for the first layer of paint to dry off a bit before dabbing on the second layer. In this way the texture will be more prominent. And also experiment using various colors and tones. You'll definitely have fun with it.

But not so for the poor brush... sorry my friend.