Late night creative spurt

Hiya folks! Do you have a certain time of the day that you feel extra creative? A time when you're like ''oh yeah, I'ma gonna make somethin' cool!". Well mine turns out to be around night time. It's quiet, peaceful and no-one to come disturb since they're all away in dream world. This is the hour for me to immerse myself completely into 'the bubble'. Yes, the bubble of my thoughts, a place where I can do what I want. The space is limited by a piece of paper or pixels on the screen, but the idea is endless.

Right now I'm working on a collaborative project with a bunch of my best friends. We're designing t-shirts to sell in FAT Radio T-Shirt Festival Thailand 2011. We're calling it FAT t-shirt project...I know, not the most appealing name for a project but for our goldfish-like, forgetful brain, it's perfect.

This is the line works of my design.

And these are the finished works.



pie fly!

I began doing this at about 10pm someday last week. After the cut, paste, color choosing, adding texture blah blah blah, fun fun fun, I glanced at the clock to see that five hours have passed! Late night is really the time for me to do what I do best and love most, create.


Banging my head...harder

Yesterday I said that I'm a hopeless being.

Congratulate me please because I have just plundged to a deeper level of hopelessness.

I found my camera...

I accidently shoved my camera into one of my big bag and FORGOT it.
With all of those complaints and bragging about how people nowadays are untrustworthy, turns out that it's ME, who's the problem.


Looks like it's time to take my lumpy encephalon to a check up. It needs a serious operation.

Nevertheless, the bright side is that photos will be up soon, yay.


Banging my head

I'm a hopeless being...

Ok, at first I was going to blog about one of my painting project I'm doing for my dad. The post was ready. Written in somewhat funny way because I wasn't all there in the head, as a result from an over 24 hours of no sleeping.
but, But, BUT! As I was going to upload the photos I took of the work I realised, where's the camera? The search then began, a quest that took me to every crooks and cranny of my room + out of my room around the house. I'm certain to this moment that I left it on the table, either that or in its usual shelf. That beloved object of mine couldn't possibly materialised into air. Then it dawned on me that any amount of search would be futile; my camera is obviously stolen, by one of the workers who came to fix the balcony in front of my room.
I'm not angry at the worker. I'm upset with myself, extremely. It's my fault to leave valuble belonging in open space with strangers mingling about. Careless me, I trust too much in humans and their sense of right and wrong. The idea of world with people who have honour and respect to other people and DON'T steal from other people is an ideal thought, so I stick to it. Blame this event that now my perspective will be changed. From now on my view on human trustworthiness will be a fraction darker.
Still, I have faith in man kind. I hope one day the world will be rid (or at least reduce to the minimal) of such disrespect to fellow human beings.

That had been said and I feel a twinzy bit better, here's some of my works to see as a past time until I can find another camera. Enjoy.

2009-2010 sketches.


Days like this

Today has been an unusual day.
Not that I got to travelled to wonderland or Al Pacino paid me a visit (did I ever mention I love him?).
What's unusual is the wheather. It's freezing...in Bangkok (two words that shouldn't be in the same sentence). This is in the middle of March where in Thailand we're moving into summer.

Eventhough I have to admit I do like when it's cool and breezy as this, the feeling of 'ummmmmm, this is not right' bugs me.

But even that cannot stop my imagination. Because, I must confess, breezy chilly (a little drizzly is also acceptable) is the best day for me to create.
Right now I'm working on my latest project, listening to Harmonix and looking out the window to the cloudy, colorless sky.

And days like this give me nostalgia, like I'm back in Washington State; a place that holds many of my most precious memories.

I'll tell you guys about it some other times.

But then again, there's a paradox.
1) Ten thousands of People are suffering, is it appropriate of me to be chillaxing? Am I so intensitive?
    Me to myself: Do something!
2) Wheather like this shouts 'GLOBAL WARMING!!'

...I feel kinda guilty enjoying this abnormal atmosphere.



Live and hope for the best, but expect the worst.
Do not take anything for granted because uncertainty is what certain...
One could never know what tomorrow will bring.

I'm just a mere living specimen who have been spending her time in this world for only 18 years.
Not the best person to be giving out words of wisdom...I mean, really, what do I know about life?

Our world is so fragile, so delicate...so vunrable and easy to be swept away by its own creator; mother nature.

As I saw the disaster via the glass screen box, I felt scare.

Let us all, do our very best, in anyway, to help those who are in need at the moment.

Eventhough it's as little as praying for a better day for them.


Ladies and gentlemen...my friends

Do you guys remember when I said this is going to be an art blog?
Hope you do because I will finally get to the point and start acting like I'm writing a blog about art and not a diary blog where I ramble about my life...even though it's fun...(expect more peeps).

Without further ado...*drumrolls*...ladies and gentlemen, I present, my dear friends.

First on the line, my oldest companion...the Big Old Comrades.
My memory have long been deminished of how did I get to know these stick-with-puffy-tops. But they are always there for me, never to complain or moan no matter how much I abuse them.
Thanks guys for being so tolerent with me all these years.

Next coming up, the Teeny Dudes. They're the new faces here, just came from a nearby land called The Stationary Stordom. We're now in the process of getting to know each other, collaborating on a piece. I got the sparky feeling that our relationship will be a good one.

And here are the colorful gals. Let us clap for Le Paintbootles! They make my life that much more lively.

Oh this is someone really special. My best of the best friend, Mr. Pecilton. His father, the late Mr. Pecilton had vanished sometime ago (in a high school senior camp...*sniff*). In search for his placement, I discovered that he has a son...and he's absolutely fabulous. Every time I pick him up, creativity ooze out.

The last guest here today, Sketchy. We have been going out for quite a while, three years perhaps? He's been a reliable friend. Any time some creatures leaked from my head, he with Mr. Pecilton are sure to keep them in a safe place.

Glad you all get to meet at last. Those are my special buddies. How about you? Who are your special friends?


A Trip Of A Life Time (The Journey continued...then it ended)

DAY 3 & 4...and end

Alot happened, yet nothing was memorable. I worked hard and... that's about it. I spent time helping out at the booth, standing twelve hours on my heels, it felt like thousands of microscopic mouths were biting my feet, in other words: it hurts like hell. To all ladies out there who wear heels like sandels, I bow to you.

My days went in such manner of working (handing out leaflets, samples and answering questions about our product) and wandering about, observing other people booth and products.

Fearing my evil twin who have TTR (Tendency To Ramble) will take over, I'll sum everything up in one paragraph...ok, maybe two.

I will never forget the trip. I got to gain experience in working, seeing new places and befriending new people.

I ate at SAFRON which was a haven for food lover.
I saw aggressive, eye popping belly dance and dine with wonderful clients at an exotic Indian restaurant.
I met people with unusual gift, superb characteristic, kind...

I saw faces, all around. The work of nature, the true artist. People = the master piece of nature that are all the same yet unique...

And I was again packed with inspiration.

... was that one paragraph? Guess not...oky...

I thankyou all who made this trip magical and hope that this opportunity will come again. Farewell Dubai, but you shall see me again...one day.


A Trip of A Lifetime (The Journey)


Morning call 7 a.m. and there I went running down to breakfast. Yummy eggs, cereal, fruits and, to my pleasure, Indian food.

I went with the morning tour to Dubai Museum. It's a cool place really, with lots of history about Dubai (duh, it's the Dubai Museum) and antique objects. The thing that really caught my attention, however, was the display. The wax figures were so realistic I jumped several times thinking they'll move and the animal figures...alive, I say, alive.

When everyone locomoted to a perfume shop I slipped away into a small supermarket.
Don't you think this world is fantastic? It's so diverse because even in this tiny place there's a huge difference from ours in Thailand. Rows and rows of spices, nuts and there's this huge collection of curry paste (and others that I don't even know what the heck it is).

Around ten we got on the tour bus again and headed to the Gulf Food fair. Got to constantly remind myself that I'm here to work not to have a vacation...even though it felt like one.

The convention building was...hugh, no, GINORMOUS as I said before. Nine halls and quoted from the website  "3,800 exhibitors, 81 international pavilions, and welcomes over 55,000 buyers from 152 countries". From my own observstion of the convention...0[]O...undeniably jaw dropping event. 

Our booth, much more humble in size compare the fair, was decorated in no time. I worked fast because at around two I was going to go Desert Safaring! (is there such word?) Yeah, I was bursting excitement.

We went in a group of six and I met this our driver was a pleasant man in the name of Rafiq.

The beginning was nice and peaceful. I chatted a lot with Mr. Driver as he has abundant knowledge about Dubai, its history and customs. It's always fun to have a cultural exchange conversation, PLUS, he's a really funny man.

We stopped once or twice to take picture of the sun set and...there's no definition of how beautiful it was.

An absolute phenomenal

Kilometers of sand, decending endlessly to the horizon, bathe in the warm light of sunset... the atmosphere was rustic, the scent of desert was unique and the image of sun, sand and sky, almost melted as one, was exquisitely addictive. My camera happy self was litteraly high.


Then came the part of Camels Riding, Henna, Kabab, Shisha, Belly Dancing...

I have not felt this kind of joy in a very long while...I see new things, it was excited but more than anything, I made new good companions.

My head hit the pillow that night happier than a clam I say, looking forward eagerly for more adventure tomorrow will bring.

A Trip of A Lifetime (The Beginning)

For the last five days I was in Dubai. And it was amazing.

I got an opportunity from my dad to go and help him out at Gulf Food, a GINORMOUS food fair. And the entire experience was priceless. I loved every moment of it, even the painful 12 hours of standing on my very first heels.

I'll tell you about it day by day. So here we go...


Woke up early full of anticipation. The plane would leave at six so I had many hours of preparation.
I took all the basic nessicities a girl would need, cloths, toothbrush, cookies (yes, I need it) and never to forget, pencils and ye good ole notebook.

At four said byebye to my doggies, drove out the house, and kissed mama goodbye at the airport door. It was not a sad farewell and no tears were sheaded.

The six hours flight, that I did not look foward to, turned out to be less of a torment that I had expected. Almost the entire time was spent on composing my speech for my graduation day...yay?

Anyway, we arrived at Dubai airport around 11 p.m. local time. The immigration queue was a nightmare, like a long snakes slitthering down the hall.


It was hours before we get to the hotel and crashed our head into the soft pillows.

 Lights out, that's day one.